"Portraits of The Unseen"
Model: Desmend Fregoso
Nyqolas Andrew Hale

Artist’s Statement:

   I wanted to specifically write under this shot for the sheer fact that the personality he expresses here is important if not to anyone else, then to myself. It’s cliche, effortless, and yet…there is so much sentiment behind his smile that explains much of who he is.
    It’s truly rare when you meet an individual who inspires you on a similar wavelength. Misunderstood, strange, holding odd views of which the world sort of deters…I think I get the kid better than he gets me. He’s strange and I appreciate that. We’re both dominant individuals who hold individuality on a pedestal and, although he may get annoying to me at times because he talks about his relationship with the Zen lifestyle and “the flow” of things, I appreciate what he holds important. After all, we all have our likes and dislikes in things. I’m sure he can think of plenty of things that peeve him about myself, but it’s fine.
    What we dislike in each other is often what we disregard because our views are unimportant to each other. It’s how it goes with any and everyone you meet. Well, one would hope. His music, who he is, his family…they’re all relatable. I’ve gotten along with him in a way I haven’t with much of anyone at ELAC. He’s seen sides of me other people have only wished to see in me and I’m ok with that. Same goes for him. Day by day, he lets another wall down and we learn more about one another every time we hang out. He and I are both lone wolves in our lives. It’s nice not to feel alone here and I think we’re learning to overcome that, within ourselves, whenever we get a chance to have a one on one with one another. Our lives collided thanks to a cigarette of which I could only thank Benson & Hedges for allowing us to meet each other.
    Nonetheless, he’s an amazing character and I would very much like to be his friend until my end, should he allow me. He intrigues me and inspires me. That’s important in every friendship and I think he can also agree.

© 2012–2014 Nyqolas Andrew Hale